Peel and Stick Solar Energy

Do It Yourself Solar DIY

Dr. Grady Mayeaux invented and filed the utility patent pending on the recreational solar charging systems in 2009. This new breakthrough product is manufactured in America. The Resource Center (Earth Care Branding) goals are to deliver state of the art products and the lowest cost possible. The advantage of the Do It Yourself products from The Resource Center is the back up training and education available. The Resource Center now offers wholesale bulk purchasing on components where the DIY individuals and dealers can enjoy huge price breaks and become part of the growing environmental demand in the world.
Earth Care was incorporated in 1992 as a family business. Family members that are very knowledgeable with over 50 years of environmental experience operate the company. The officers and board members are very educated, one retired professor from Georgia Tech, and two others hold an authorized instructor, distant learning, and continuing education from a major university.
These new state of the art products built for recreational, residential, agricultural and commercial usage face little competition once you have been educated on the product capabilities.
Competition offers solar glass tops , mono-crystalline, even crystalline united with amorphous in the long run are expensive, they break, and comes with heavy shipping charges, and installation charges.
The Resource Center (Earth Care’s Branding) products can be installed on your recreational vehicles in twenty minutes. The system comes wired, plug and play and two wires to connect to the battery.
The Resource Center’s Do It Yourself residential/agricultural and out door projects come with an important added benefit where you receive 30% of the cost up front if you qualify through the Treasury Bill 1603. This program is not for recreational vehicles, but to encourage solar installations other wise.
Save money by purchasing Earth Care Branded Solar panels and installing them yourself. The increased demand for energy has made solar power more popular than ever. In addition to saving you money, do-it-yourself solar power can be a rewarding and help the environment. Do-it-yourself solar power may be easier and more affordable than you think.
Local, regional, state and national governments have and will continue to reward citizens who take the plunge in do-it-yourself solar power. From tax incentives to tax breaks and grants for small business owners and homeowners who integrate solar power into their electrical systems, you can save as much as 30 percent from the federal government alone, not counting state and federal incentives. One added benefit is where you receive 30% of the cost up front if you qualify through the Treasury Bill 1603. However, the biggest reward will come when your energy bills go down. In some cases, home solar power systems can create an energy surplus, which can then be sold back to utility companies.
Compare This System To Many Of Our Competitor’s Offerings And You’ll Find That We Offer:
Top of the line name branded solar panels.
Solar cells that are cut from a solid ingot of silicon.
A better per Watt PTC rating.
A better negative tolerance rating.
Is easy to apply.
Saves money on electricity.
The payback for investing in a solar roof can be as little as two-five years.
Uses revolutionary flexible solar panels made with thin film amorphous silicon that is powerful, yet light and flexible.
Allow individuals to save even more money with tax credits for purchasing solar.
The Resource Center (Earth Care Branding) modules can deliver more power per rooftop than competitors. The peel and stick panels can be applied directly to roofing surface, requiring no mounting hardware, no roof penetrations, and creates no additional wind load. Finally a product you can truly install yourself with 12.6 percent aperture efficiency delivering the highest efficiency in the flexible module history.

72V On and Off Road Solar Charging System

The Resource Center has been receiving a lot of request for a peel and stick solar charging system for on and off road units.
They request a product to charge high voltage and deliver high amp input.

What if: There was one company that had the answer to charging high voltage batteries?
What if: There was one company that could produce an alternative to the fuel crisis throughout America?
What if: There was one company that could resolve the distant mobility crisis in our large retirement villages?
What if: There was one company that could produce the solution with a Peel and Stick Product?
What if: There was one company that could produce a product that worked in cloudy and rainy weather?
What if: There was a company that could produce a product that produces more watts and more amps per square foot than any other flexible panel in the WORLD?

The Resource Center has breaking news!
We have the answer!

Our NEW SOLAR RES Panels are averaging between 84 & 100 Watts. They are producing 5 to 6 amps. By placing the two strips on your cart or vehicle side by side creating a 40 inch X 79.5 inch charging area will double watts to 164 to 200, and the amperage to a minimum of 10 amps. No other double or single peel and stick panel can match this in the WORLD!

Finally a solar system that will deliver amps into the much needed help for the 48-volt battery systems. To make this much more attractive for the Utility Carts, Passenger carts that are moving 6 to 8 or more people using 48 volt systems will receive huge amp input into their batteries. In fact one of our new breakthrough panels is producing 4 amps on the RXV and TXT Carts. Double that panel on an extended top and you are enjoying 8 amps to your battery system. That is like plugging into the wall charger.

People are excited to know they will get 4 to 7 amps in the batteries when traveling and sitting. They are willing to improvise to make the tops fit the tops. People in the villages of Florida, the California coastlines, in the fog, in the woods for hunters; all these type situations have been demanding a solution. We now have that solution!

Peel and Stick Solar Energy